Signs and Labels

pnaple_label-large.jpg Reads: The gorgeous taste of fully ripened pineapple imposing as a southern island king crowned in glory, is yours to enjoy in every soft and juicy Kasugai pineapple gummy.

strwbry_label-large.jpgReads: Kasugai’s strawberry gummy, made from fresh strawberry juice, is a very delicious gummy. Please have a fun time with this strawberry gummy.

muscat_label-large.jpgReads: Its translucent color so alluring and taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offering feelings of a graceful lady. Enjoy soft and juicy Kasugai Muscat Gummy.

celebrity_meat-large.jpgCelebrity Luncheon Meat, yum!


25 Songs

The songs posted here are strictly for promotional purposes only. If you enjoy a song you found here, please support the artist/band by going to their shows &/or purchasing their merchandise!

artist: the Adicts
song: Who Spilt My Beer?

English punk rock with a humorous take on a Clockwork Orange-esque looks and mentality. Amazingly enough for a band crafted in 1975, they still have all the original members of the band intact.

artist: Against Me!
song: Pints of Guinness Make You Strong (live)

With much anticipation, the boys from Florida drop their new album ‘New Wave’ on July 10th 2007. Inspired by influences ranging from Billy Bragg, the folk punk foursome have been steadily rising to fame in the last 3 years.

song:War Sucks!Let’s Party

Political punkers hailing from PA, Anti-Flag have been around for nearly two decades now. Like them or hate them, they are here to stay.

artist:Aphex Twin

Where can I even begin with a band like this? Irish born electronic/drum&bass/ambient/techno/acid artist Richard James, has invented and contributed to so many offshoots of EBM that a simple one line answer would not suffice.

song:Fashion Zombies

California third wave ska! Must be the Aquabats.

artist:Bloc Party
song:Two More Years

English indie rock, Bloc Party’s first album ‘Silent Alarm’ broke sales records in 2005 in the UK charts reaching number 3.

artist:the Bloody Irish Boys
song:the Great Irish Famine

Because Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Meisce, the Tossers and other Irish folk/punk bands didn’t end up on this list, the Bloody Irish Boys had to. And what a great but sad song this one is too.

artist:Choking Victim
song:In Hell

Skacore from NYC. Think that all ska is happy, upbeat with horns and people wearing bright colors? Think again.

artist:Gang of Four
song:Damaged Goods

English post-punk band with a tinge of funk and dub reggae.

artist:Handsome Furs
song:What We Had

Indie rock from Montreal (where else?). Dan Boeckner (vocals of Wolf Parade) and fiancee are not just another side project.

song: From Your Hands

Hardcore from NC, they originally started as a Christian metalcore band but have now dropped the Christian name associated with their music. Expect some melody infused with a large dose of screaming.

artist:HORSE the Band

West Coast inventors of the term ‘Nintendocore,’ HORSE the Band sound like a loud, grating 8-bit synth infused with a large dose of metal, yet with a tinge of nostalgia harking back to the days of generation one Nintendo games. Confused? I am too.

artist:Hungry Lucy
song:Blue Dress

Call it goth/darkwave/triphop or just call it melancholy/synth with ethereal based vocals. Post Switchblade Symphony, but not overtly done.


An Iranian indie/punk band with influences from the Ramones, the Strokes and Interpol. No, I am not kidding.

song:Lay Lady Lay

American industrial/metal king Al Jourgensen covers a Bob Dylan song.

artist:Mr.T Experience
song:Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend

Perhaps their most well known song you have probably never heard of, this California punk band churned out a nice acoustic ballad that pokes fun at Hitler’s evil status and comparing it to why women would rather be with Hitler than himself.

artist:Okkervil River

Austin Texas indie band Okkervil River has generated much buzz at SXSW. This song ‘Westfall’ is simply brilliant. Pay attention to the lyrics.

song:Non Photo Blue

San Diego based indie band, Pinback can be as confusing to me as Mindless Self Indungence, but much more like MSI on a handful of downers.

artist:Seu Jorge
song:Rebel Rebel

Should I mention that this song is sung in Portuguese? Or the fact that it is a cover of David Bowie’s song ‘Rebel Rebel’ in Portuguese?

artist:Strike Anywhere
song:Ballad of Bloody Run

Richmond punk at its finest (go ahead and debate if you want), they completely sold me when I saw them at Ottobar in Baltimore.

artist:Sufjan Stevens

You must be on crack aL , to list Strike Anywhere and then Sufjan Stevens! Not on crack, but this is a 180 degree turn from Strike Anywhere. Still, the sensitive folky musician from Michigan gets a nod because of some of the beautiful (and soft) songs he writes.

artist:Suicide Commando
song:Desire (Wumpscut remix)

Electro/Industrial remixed by Wumpscut. Need I say more?

artist:Tokyo Police Club
song:Nature of the Experiment

Indie rock from Ontario, Tokyo Police Club’s EP ‘A Lesson in Crime’ clocks in at under 25 minutes but it smokes away those blissful 25 minutes worth of cartoons you used to watch after school as a kid. The remix of ‘Be Good’ by RAC is one to look for.

artist:TV on the Radio
song:New Health Rock

The genre juggling juggernauts (say that 3 times fast I dare you) from NYC spew out complicated and multiple instrument backed songs that actually sound good. If talent were measured in buckets, I would have long since invested in them.

artist:the Unseen
song:So Sick of You

Hardcore Street Punk from Mass. Quick, angry and fast-just how I like my women-err, maybe not.

That’s it for now. Feel free to leave your input.